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Games by BRIGHT of Sweden is just that.

We are BRIGHT of Sweden and this is where you find our games!

We love board games. We love how board games can bring people together; how they don't care about who you are as long as you want to play; how they make families and friends come together and enjoy each other's company and playful and strategic minds.

We are a small company in Sweden and we make great games for board gamers all over

the world. Keeping them inviting, inclusive and innovative; the three I's.

We might add a "D" as well; for Design. We like the games to feel good and look good along with the good game play.

Being a small company means we care about you as a customer. We look forward to hear from you with feedback, questions, comments or other; we take play and games seriously when it comes to service.


BRIGHT of Sweden was founded in 2005. Pernilla Molander and Anna Kristensson started the business and are still running it. Since 2011, the company is located in Åby.

BRIGHT of Sweden's core business has been educational products from the start.

The thing is; the founders have always had so many ideas of new products and some of them are just not for schools; they are just fun for everybody. So that's how the games ended up here; some of these ideas were just too good to have only the founders' families to play!


We're also happy to present our line of educational games: Sigma's World! Fun Play & Learn games where the younger players have a great time and learn at the same time.


So, we are happy to present our games to you!

We call them Kids Games, Strategy Games and Educational Games. You can trust our games to be games we like to play: fun, thrilling and with no violent elements.

Games from our table to yours.

Welcome to Games by BRIGHT of Sweden.


Anna & Pernilla


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The games you find on this page are the properties of Games by BRIGHT of Sweden.

They are design patented in USA and in the EU and/or trade marked and copyrighted.


About us

Meet the Founders

Pernilla Molander


Anna Kristensson

Marketing Director

Pernilla is the company's CEO. Contact her about company issues, economy, media and if you're interested in our products and are located in Sweden.


Playing Math-a-Round ∑, and Race to 10, Pernilla seems to very, very often get the numbers she wants. No one knows how she does it.


In BRIGHT Science Quiz Biology edition, she likes the Animals category the most. And she tries to like questions about taxonomy again, but she's struggling... and says Carl von Linné is the only answer that matters.


Pernilla's favourite thing playing Geometry Strategy is the Helix.

No doubt about that. For offense as well as defense. Sometimes she even calls Helix as some kind of trump in situations outside

the board... This strategy makes her a tough opponent, but not invincible.

She is an offensive player and likes to attack fast and hard.

What Pernilla likes most, besides the Helix, is that mix of strategy, tactics and the element of luck.


In the new EXEO DUO, Pernilla plays aggressively. Mostly this is because she likes intense, short battles. She'd rather play five short matches instead of one long...




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Anna is the Marketing Director at BRIGHT of Sweden. If you're an international distributor or customer, or have thoughts or questions about the games, Anna is the one to contact.


Anna is the Geometry Strategy geek. She is, so far, the person in the world having played Geometry Strategy the most times. This doesn't make her win every game though. She likes the fact that you never ever become a complete player; all games are different and you have to pay attention all the way or you're out. The more you play, the better player you become and the more dimesions you see in the game...


Playing Math-a-Round ∑, and Race to 10, Anna can't win against kids. It's not that she's trying to be nice; she just can't win. So she says kids have some kind of superhero powers when it comes to luck.


Also being a quiz geek, Anna loves playing BRIGHT Science Quiz Biology edition. Although she thought she'd be better at it; the questions are really tough! But; the more you play...


Playing EXEO DUO is Anna's newest hang-up. She can play for hours. And even though she's invented this game along with Pernilla, she gets very frustrated by the 3 step rule when she has one pair left...



Contact Anna at: