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We love games. We love how board games can bring people together; how they don't care about who you are as long as you want to play; how they make families and friends come together and enjoy each other's company and playful and strategic minds.

// Anna & Pernilla   Founders                                               

Take a look at our Sigma's PlanetPack 

The fun STEM bundle:

Pi and the planets game AND Sigma, Pi and the planets book!

Read all about Sigma and Pi's adventures in space, on their mission to save our galaxy when the space croc Crosmos has made a mess in our solar system!

And then ...

Play the game where you help Sigma and Pi on their task! Roll the dice and move your space ship to visit the planets, take a ride in a wormhole, say hello to space creatures and stay out of Crosmos' way!

Learn more HERE

Sigma, Pi and the planets 

awarded a

Mom's Choice Silver Award 2020!

Mayor of Evercent Springs™

is our new, dynamic strategy game where tactics,

luck and bribes are some of the tools to win. MORE

Get a glimpse of

Mayor of Evercent Springs!

Mensa Mind Games      competitor 2016!


Geometry Strategy® 

is the board game where everything changes.

Learn more about our unique game HERE

Take a journey into Geometry Strategy. Volume up and enjoy!


the Battle of Minds where you play both sides.

Learn about our most challenging game HERE



Mensa Mind Games   competitor 2017

Turn up the volume and enter the

wintery landscape of EXEO DUO

Our sweet monkey Sigma has a line of games we call Sigma's world! The games in Sigma's world are Play & Learn games; play, have fun and learn while having a great time!

Sigma's world™  Play & Learn

Pi and the planets game awarded

Best of ToyFair 2019


Mom's Choice Gold Award